Monday, August 23, 2010

Love and WWYD?

I can't quite believe I haven't posted since February. Time flies I guess, when you're having fun!!! I just checked my Ravelry page and I really haven't been knitting much this year, or so it would seem. Just a wee bit of catching up to do then.

So, the title isn't suggesting a warm and fuzzy or even heartsearching post. It's the colour name of the STR I used to knit up Irishgirlieknits pattern Dotty.

The colour striped almost perfectly throughout the whole sock, even on the heel. And another simple yet effective design from our very own knitting superstar Carrie :0) I knit these at the beginning of the summer (end of spring?) and had that gorgeous strawberry plant to accessorize. Isn't it pretty?

Speaking of the garden, I made myself a little tomato patch. Being renters, we're not supposed to do anything with the garden. It has a bunch of pine needles where a 'border' should be. I really wanted to grow some toms this year, so I just scooted a bunch of needles out of the way, dug in some topsoil and got planting.

I went out to this morning to take this picture of the beauties.....

....and discovered two of these beauties......

Not so small, these are at least as big as my middle finger. There are two of them out there munching away. I've been following their progress all day and they sure are enjoying a mighty big meal.

So. What would you do? Pick them off (or get the husband to) and take them across the street to the communal trees? Or, let them eat your plants, hope they leave some for you and also that when they turn into whatever they're going to turn into, that they stick around so you can enjoy them? And do you know what these are? I am kind of grossed out by them, but also morbidly fascinated.