Monday, May 30, 2011

A Memorial Day book recommendation for you.....

Is "Happy Memorial Day" an appropriate greeting?

Last night, I was watching CNN and there was a discussion about how difficult it is for soldiers returning from the front lines, to return to 'normal' life. These debates always bring to mind a book I read, almost 20 years ago, about a soldier in WWI.

The book is called "Birdsong", written by Sebastian Faulks. Buy it at or Be sure to read the reviews posted on Amazon.

In one section of the book, the 'hero' returns home to London from the trenches of France. The author describes the sensation of not exactly belonging anymore, being disconnected from the people for whom you've been fighting. It gives a little insight into what the troops may be feeling right now.

I cannot recommend this book enough - bloody history, heart-breaking romance and excellent prose. Do let me know what you think, if you ever get to read it.

Friday, May 20, 2011


This weekend, Matthew finished his first embroidered picture. I hung it in a sunny spot next to the window in my craft room. It makes me smile :0)
Here are some old pics from last Christmas. Teddy and Matthew embroidered felt ornaments for family gifts. The motifs are based on some Sublime Stitching patterns, which I drew onto the felt.Inexpensive, simple, and loved by all recipients.This last one, Teddy made for Tommy, who's Alma Mater is the University of Virginia. He drew this himself before stitching it up.The felt wreaths in the background were made in an art lesson - one inch felt squares, punch a hole in the centre and thread onto wire. Add a ribbon for hanging and, voila, colourful tree ornament.

We've really been enjoying this stitching and I see a whole lot more in the future. Anyone else an embroiderer?
Disco xo

Happy happy joy joy

Isn't it nice to read what others are thankful for sometimes? Gives you a little boost when you're not feeling at your best. Today's another grey day in the Fort, but I have plenty to be grateful for myself. Just a few......

1. This morning was Matthew's "field day" at school. I got to be 'chaperone' and walk the class from event to event. He's such a hugger that boy, and always wanting to hold my hand. Every day, I'm grateful for his smiling face.

2. Making my own home decorations. This set will soon be up on my living room wall.
3. My mother is coming to visit at Christmas.

4. Mother's Day flowers, still looking pretty.
5. Packages of pretty things in the mailbox.

6. Baby girl knitting. Not for me :0)7. Being a stay-at-home-mom. This hasn't always been easy for me, but right now I love being able to drop off and pick up my boys from school, help them with their homework, ferry them to activities and have spur-of-the-moment playdates. This is one of my biggest and most treasured blessings.

8. My awesomely crafty boys, who love to try anything from drawing and sewing, to making marble magnets and Andy Warhol-esque paint prints. Their creations are precious.
9. My new house. Containing only my family's dirt ;0)

10. My husband, who puts up with a lot of crap, without much complaining. And who also engaged a client this week. Yay for food on the table and craft supplies in the closets.
11. Friday

Disco xoxo

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cuteness!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought the boys. Bunny Nuggets! He even brought me one ;0)See the cushy tushies....
This is a fabulous scrap-busting project, with a high adorability yield. Can't you see one right next to your computer, perhaps peeking round the screen. Altogether now, aaaawwww :0)

There are about a squillion of these on Ravelry, in all sorts of colours and cute/wacky interpretations. Go inspire your inner child.

Pattern: Bunny nuggets by Rebecca Danger
Yarns I used: Cascade 220 and Kollage Yarns Fantastic

:0) Disco :0)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Funnies

Meet our new neighbour, Oscar.Isn't he adorable? He's the lightest ginger I've ever seen and the tip of his tail is white. If we leave any door open, he's in our house. We love having him around though :0)

In other news, I have been cracking up at this blog lately. Sharing is caring, as they say, so here it is for your amusement too. Enjoy! Shooting the Breeze

Happy Tuesday!
Disco xo

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunday Broken Heart

I finished these socks a whole week ago, but it took me that long to weave in the ends, or rather the beginnings, at the cuff. Part of the Ravelry Socks that Rawk!! group Q2 KAL. This seems to be the only group I can consistently join for a KAL. They always pick cool patterns.
I love this pattern so much. The broken hearts are so freakin' clever. They break, right where the heel breaks away from the leg. And continue down the heel. Patterned heels appear to be the new big thing, don't you think?. Another piece of clever design is the gusset decreases on the sole. Genius! I may do this on all socks from now on.And who doesn't love a twisted cuff? I know I do.So much so, here's a fuzzy close-up. So stretchy.
When I first received this skein of yarn, I thought it was all purpley, pinks. But once I opened it out and wound it, there was plenty of teal, blue and brown in their too. Almost Noro-esque ;0)

Pattern: Breaking Hearts by Cristi Brockway aka Turtlegirl76
Needle: 2.5mm