Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

When we moved here to MI, I vowed to get my Pinterest on and actually make some of the projects I'd been pinning.  My Halloween board overfloweth, so that's a good one to start with.

Thankfully, one of my boys asked to wear a costume from a couple of years ago, so the parrot trick-or-tweeted again :0)

The other one, though!  We vowed after last year's mega construction project, we wouldn't make any more elaborate costumes.  He was inspired by a souvenir wooden sword he bought from the Jorvik Viking Center in York when we were there in the summer, and asked to be a knight.  Pinterest turned up a couple of inspiration images and we were off - cardboard, duct tape, spray paint and printed fleur-de-lys and it was all completed in a (k)night.  Hallelujah!

Have you seen the Pin showing how to make a wreath circle with insulation foam from the plumbing aisle?  Well, I tried that.  Cut the length I wanted to make a circle and duct taped the ends together.  All well and good, til it started sagging.  Ours was wrapped in black fun fur and decorated with white styrofoam balls with googly eyes glued on.  It drooped right into the shape of the glass in our front door, so I guess that wasn't too bad. I'll be investing in ready made wreath circles in future.

Someone from school was obviously also getting their Pinterest on.  Here's a little ghostly guy who arrived home from a class party yesterday.  I kind of like him :0)

How did y'all's Halloween projects go?