Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aye, aye, shipmates ;0)

I knit a wee something for the "Coat for a Boat" art project, in my home town. A telescope. Here's Matt, modelling the finished article.....I love his little sly peek to see if I'm still photographing him. This was knit in Lion Brand Glitterspun. The insert to keep it tube-like is a paper towel cardboard innerd. Cut down the middle and rolled on an angle.

The boys were fascinated while I was making this. I have another ball and a half, so, if I can find the scrap of paper I noted my stitch count on, I may make them some of their own.


p.s. note the wet ground. In the summer, it really rains here in Florida. Rains hard.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Up, up and away.......

I'm still in the land of the living. Even reading y'alls blogs, although not commenting much (mostly catching up using bloglines on my phone - teeny keys are not conducive to regular blog-commenting). I've been so busy the last few weeks. I've gotten a bit of knitting in, between house-moving, looking for a new house, birthday parties and organising volunteers for Teddy's school book fair (otherwise known as pulling teeth!).

We found a new house - it's in the community we wanted and is VERY close to the town centre. As in, three of the corners of our street are occupied by 1. the YMCA, 2. a preschool for Matt and 3. a pub for Mommy and Daddy :0)

We move in June 11th and I seriously can't wait. I even found a knit group on Ravelry that meets at the local coffee shop - about a 3 minute walk for me - woohoo :0)

In fun news (as if a new house wasn't fun enough), tonight we took the boys to see the new Disney-Pixar movie "UP". It was totally hilarious, and don't my boys look awesome in their 3D glasses. We ate out afterwards and what else would make the boys happy, but balloons.

I've a fun knitting project to show you tomorrow, so stay tuned.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Some cute mommy stuff

Mother's Day, yesterday, started off really nicely with a breakfast menu brought to me in bed. What a great effort from Teddy with his writing. Over breakfast, I opened up some wonderful cards and handmade gifts - a decorated cookie and stamped 'purse'. I'm a lucky mommy indeed :0)

Later that day, we had a family party, which left some of us pooped. Here are Matt and his cousin, Owen, snuggling together on the couch. These two boys are in the same class at school this year and have become very close.

And I HAD to get a picture of the latest sport at Chez Disco-in-laws. We call it fistycups :0)
In house news.... we closed this afternoon, so I am now officially homeless, broke and living with my in-laws.
But with three awesome 'boys'. What more could a girl ask for.
Happy Monday :0)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby girl surprise

Our house didn't close yesterday. The buyers loan still wasn't ready! Not happy, and that's all I want to say about that.

Onto happier things. Like knitting.

Here's a Baby Surprise Jacket, made with Bernat Organic Cotton, from the stash. Finished this morning, just in time for the baby shower. I love it when people find out what kind of baby they're having. Then you can knit in the 'appropriate' colour :0) I wrapped it up with some other girly goodies in a dolly's basket. I figured that might come in more useful than the usual gift bag.
Here's mom, opening a LOT of baby gifts. The friends hosting the shower did an awesome job decorating the party room. Cute, huh!

Baby showers are something about America I really enjoy :0)
Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow. Even if you aren't a mom, you have a mom :0)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sometimes, you just need a laugh....

We moved out of our house today. It's completely empty. Tomorrow is the closing. If our buyer's loan is approved, that is. Who leaves that shit til last minute?!!

Enough of that.

I took Teddy and his friend to the library after school. While his friend played on the computer, he took a sheet of plain paper (there were no colouring pages available) and said he wanted to draw me a surprise picture.
I was sitting right next to him, playing a new word game on my iphone, but kept glancing over. He was super-secretive about the whole thing and kept giggling and telling me it was supposed to be a surprise.
From my brief glances, I thought he was drawing me a picture of a butterfly.
He wasn't!!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how funny is that?!!!