Saturday, August 18, 2012


A quick post from me with some highlights of our summer so far (it's not over yet, right?!).  

I knit Carrie's beautiful and very simple baby girl cardi pattern, Lilliana.  The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza What a Skein in Spruce.  You'll be seeing more of that yarn - I bought 3 skeins and that was enough to knit a cardi for me, one for a baby and a whole Honeycomb Cowl too!

In fact, I knit Lilianna twice.  Here she is in some scrummy Madelintosh dk, colourway Cream.  I modded a little bit, giving this one slightly longer sleeves - the baby lives in Boston, so I'm sure she's getting cold already.

Not exactly a highlight, but excitement nonetheless.  We spent some time in the Emergency Room this summer.  A Boxer's break to one brother's hand when they crashed their bikes head on into each other.  Then three weeks later, an unexpected allergic reaction requiring shots and breathing treatments.  Poor love!
Someone had an Olympic Birthday this year.  We had fun with these decorations and games.
Can you guess where we had our summer holidays?  Here's a clue :0)

Yes, this building does say 1352.  And that's not its street address!  Loved the bunting everywhere this summer.  National pride :0)

Pensive Gorilla.....
Roald Dahl's writing shed, installed in his very own museum.  LOVED this place.  Beautiful village, too.

The Angel of the North.  See the crowd of people by its feet?  Loved this giant piece of art.

SO many good times, places visited, memories old and new this summer.  Brilliant!

And now we have a new adventure to look forward to.  A year in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Bring it!