Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UK Trip

In July, Teddy and I went on a trip to the UK. We had a wonderful time, visiting with family and friends, with a few daytrips here and there. Here's my big boy, right at the top of the London Eye, overlooking the Houses of Parliament. You can see Westminster Abbey, just behind Parliament. Did you know that the Abbey is 1,000 years old? I just LOVE London. Another day, we took a trip out to Legoland, near Windsor. It was perfect for this Lego crazy kid. Here's a pic for all you Harry Potter fans :0) We had a great day with my mom and her husband - it rained a wee bit, but only for a couple of short spurts. It kept us cool and no trip to England would be complete without it ;0)

Gratuitous kitty picture. This is Junior, the Tanns' kitten. She is the funniest thing alive and such a joy. I had forgotten how much fun these fur-babies are. She loved attacking our feet at night. Teddy spent all the time we were there, chasing her.

The reason for our trip was to attend my Dad's wedding. I made the bride and groom this pretty trippy blanket. Same 'design' as my Noro log cabin, it's made from Traditions yarn from JoAnn's (discontinued) for the squares and Debbie Stoller's Bamboo Ewe yarn for the borders.



I loved Cristi's test knit for Through the Loops' shawl design, Hamamelis. When Mother's Day came around, I decided to make it for my mom. I had the yarn, Purl Up & Dye, in this beautiful dark green with shades of gingery brown. There was enough to make the medium size shawl, with a small ball leftover.
The pattern was easy to follow and I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this shawl. My mom loves it too! I blocked it using some metal rods I got from Home Depot - such neat edges.

The horrible critters in my garden, were in fact "Hornworms". I swear, all the hairs on my arms are standing up from making that weblink. We (I should say DH) uprooted the whole plant they were on and disposed of it. I recently found another tiny one - I tore off the branch it was sitting on and disposed of that too. We've had a fair few tomatoes from these plants, although only 7 or 8 seem to be red at the same time. A small snack :0)