Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy, happy snow day }:0)

Hi! We're having a happy, snowy, Boxing Day here at chez disco. The snow started last night, so technically, South Carolina had its first 'white Christmas' since, like, the last ice-age. The boys are loving it, esp. the smallest. Here are the handsome fellas with their new hats, completed in the nick of time for Christmas giving.Matthew models the monkey hat, of which I have made many. Teddy models the man hat, of which I intend to make many more. Let me tell you, these boys have BIG noggins. I had to remake Matt's and add a good couple of inches. His head is at least as big as mine. He's 5, people, FIVE!!!
Aaaw, and see his gappy smile? He lost his first tooth earlier in the week. HUGE excitement for him, officially a big boy!

Our beautiful snowy home, before we used all the snow for snowballs/snowmen.
No, this next picture isn't my report of Britain's current foul weather. It's our community's very own fake British Pub, with genuine imported telephone booth. See, there has to be at least an inch of snow on the ground. Be still my beating heart.
And across the street, the Christmas tree in the park. Looking very Christmasy, I must say.And an artsy shot of berries on a bush. The snow looks like candy floss.We had a fabulous Christmas yesterday. Both boys said it was their best Christmas ever (I'd have to agree with them). I'd like to think that was because we had a very quiet one, staying home all day, playing, eating and enjoying each other's company. In reality it may have been all the Lego and wii games Santa brought. And then snow!!!
I hope that everyone has had as wonderful a holiday as we have here. Wrap up warm!
xo Disco ox