Thursday, November 11, 2010

My heart is breaking

Quick WIP post of my "Breaking Hearts" sock by Cristi. I bought the Malabrigo sock yarn in the Stone Chat colourway, on a recent trip up to Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill. Souvenir yarn :0)

The colours are spiralling beautifully. And showing off the broken ribs and the heart slipped stitches too. I'm loving the pattern - the 6 row repeat is easy-peasy to memorize. I had it after only the first time - miracles and all that!
The twisty-spirally cuff was a cinche. I have already used it on a knit flower, but Christi's instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow, if you aren't familiar.This is a most excellent pattern. I think it would be perfect for hand-dyed yarns. The broken ribs really mix the colours up and the slipped stitch hearts make them pop right out again. Congrats on a great job Cristi :0)