Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I loved Cristi's test knit for Through the Loops' shawl design, Hamamelis. When Mother's Day came around, I decided to make it for my mom. I had the yarn, Purl Up & Dye, in this beautiful dark green with shades of gingery brown. There was enough to make the medium size shawl, with a small ball leftover.
The pattern was easy to follow and I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this shawl. My mom loves it too! I blocked it using some metal rods I got from Home Depot - such neat edges.

The horrible critters in my garden, were in fact "Hornworms". I swear, all the hairs on my arms are standing up from making that weblink. We (I should say DH) uprooted the whole plant they were on and disposed of it. I recently found another tiny one - I tore off the branch it was sitting on and disposed of that too. We've had a fair few tomatoes from these plants, although only 7 or 8 seem to be red at the same time. A small snack :0)


Kaye said...

Lucky mama!!!
Were they welding rods you got at Home Despot? Or are they called something else?

turtlegirl76 said...

oooh pretty shawl! I hate that you keep finding more of the little stinkers. HOpefully you've seen the last of them.