Monday, May 30, 2011

A Memorial Day book recommendation for you.....

Is "Happy Memorial Day" an appropriate greeting?

Last night, I was watching CNN and there was a discussion about how difficult it is for soldiers returning from the front lines, to return to 'normal' life. These debates always bring to mind a book I read, almost 20 years ago, about a soldier in WWI.

The book is called "Birdsong", written by Sebastian Faulks. Buy it at or Be sure to read the reviews posted on Amazon.

In one section of the book, the 'hero' returns home to London from the trenches of France. The author describes the sensation of not exactly belonging anymore, being disconnected from the people for whom you've been fighting. It gives a little insight into what the troops may be feeling right now.

I cannot recommend this book enough - bloody history, heart-breaking romance and excellent prose. Do let me know what you think, if you ever get to read it.

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Kaye said...

I might have to check it out--literally. Have you read Pat Barker's books? I freaking love her WWI fiction. Best woman writing from a man's POV I've ever read.