Friday, January 6, 2012

Guest Room

Remember Project Grellow? Our spare room was to be decorated as a guest bedroom. Well, I'm so proud of how it all turned out. Here's the room, all cleared out and ready to be painted and furnished.The grey went on the walls and the furniture was delivered and assembled.
Bedding next.
Artwork hung.
The butterfly sampler was made using this tutorial. It was so easy I could hardly believe it - DO check it out.
This is my only disappointing piece in the whole room. The fabric is still rumpled, even after ironing and mounting. I still like the embroidery though.
A basic granny square pillow. Random(ish) stripes grace one side....
while the other side is one round of each colour. Ravelry project page here.
My mom and her husband enjoyed the room when they were here for 10 days over Christmas. It now has another occupant, but that's a post for another day ......


KnitNurd said...

Debs, what a great job of it you looks perfect!!!

Batty said...

You did a great job decorating!