Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Fairy Oddmother

Look at all this loveliness my fairy oddmother sent me....... It's a spa package! That lovely blue-grey pillow is a buckwheat eye pillow. It smells SOOOOO good. She crafted it herself with bamboo - it's soft and squishy and heavenly. The top right picture is a close up of the lovely stitch pattern - it looks so complex. I love it. And all the fabulous lotions and potions. And the pretty green tealight holder and exotic herbal teas. And the ball of gorgeous soft soy silk yarn. I've never used that before, but am going to start thinking about what to knit with it right away. The colours are beautiful.
And see the brown spotty package. That was coconut chocolate. It's in my tummy now. Yes, the whole thing. :-)
My fairy oddmother has looked after me well. She is kind and caring and I thank her very much for making my day today.
And it wasn't even my day!!!! Today is my best buddy Hubb's birthday. This time last year I was in England helping her celebrate her 40th - time flies. At least it's only a few weeks til we'll see each other again.
Happy Easter..........


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

WOW!! She made you a soothing eye mask...perfect for when the little guys keep you up all night!! Wow, wow, wow...what a thoughtful package! I'm so glad your fairy oddmother is taking good care of you!!

Jessica said...

Sweet package. I love the card. The pink lady makes me want to go do some yoga! :D