Monday, November 5, 2007

Charlotte & Yarns

Last night, I got back from a great weekend, hanging out with my SIL and her family in Charlotte, NC. What a beautiful city, a green and pleasant land indeed. They have a new baby, and, oh boy, is he cute with a capital Q. And he cried only once, the whole 2 days we were there. Almost made me want another, but he cried just before we left, and DH said to me "Remember what it's like now?!" So, maybe not.

While there, I visited Charlotte Yarn and got to meet the wonderful Turtlegirl. Anyone visiting that part of the world should go look her up. As one of only a few blogs I read regularly, she's like my yarnharlot, so it was quite a thrill to meet her. Maybe that makes Bezzie my Crazy Aunt Purl :-) I'd be able to tell better, if I read either of those other blogs!!!

Anyway, some yarn was purchased......

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids in Loden - my 1st CTH
Misty Mountain Farm, Blue Ridge Yarn - another new yarn to me

Mountain Colours Bearfoot in Olive and Chocolate

I have been squishing them since purchase, trying to decide which I like best. The thing is, they all have something about them. They are ALL soft. They are all beautiful colours.

But the Bearfoot wins. It has a cool feel to it, along with its softness. I better buy some sock pattern books to do justice to all these gorgeous yarns.

Or maybe I could just look through the books I already have. There has to be a sock pattern in there SOMEWHERE!

Hope Monday has treated everyone well.

Next post: more controversy (with a smile) :-)

Holy Canoli Batman!!! I almost forgot to post the one photo I took while I was in Charlotte. Here is the window display in the Anthropologie Store in the SouthSide(?) Mall. Yes, it really is balls of yarn. It was all I could do to hold myself back from jumping right on top of it all.

I wonder who'll get THAT stash in January?!!!


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Bezzie is so Crazy Aunt Purl, but cooler, and she knits a LOT! Lucky you to meet Turtlegirl!!!

Those yarns are so soft and squishy and gorgeous!!! Good picks!

Love the anthropologie snow yarn!!!

Bezzie said...

I'm jealous! TG and I shall cross paths someday...!!!!

And wow, normally if you mention the words "chocolate" and "olive" in the same sentence I would want to barf, but not with that pretty yarn!!!

Jo said...

I really like the Mountain Colours Bearfoot in Olive.

Eryn said...

I love the purple in the chocolate colorway. And how much do you want to bet those balls of yarn are really styrofoam underneath?

Or am I just cynical?

Vera B. said...

Hi Debs,
It's been forever since I've popped by your blog, but I'm bookmarking it now! You know, Criosa was my Secret Pal for last year's Halloween swap! Small world! (Or at least a small knittyboard!)