Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lotus Blossom Tank

Yay, finished! 'Scuse the white bra and sports shorts :0)Here's a pic on the hanger
And a close-up of the lace.
Finally embracing the Florida lifestyle, I'm so proud that I've made myself two summer tops already this year. And I love them both.
Pattern: Lotus Blossom Tank - Interweave Knits Summer '06
Size: 33 3/4" bust - I think it's a little tight, but I'd rather that than 3" too big, which the next size up would have been. I guess it would be possible to make a size between the pattern sizes, but being realistic, the top would never have been completed. Better get back on that treadmill...
Yarn: Garnstudio Muskat 100% Egyptisk bomull Merserisert (!)
Colour: no. 25 - kind of a khaki green
Mods: an extra lace repeat. As it is, I could maybe have done with another lace repeat.
I used just over 6 balls of the bag of 10 I bought at Stitches West, so have almost 4 remaining. I'm thinking of a Lotus Blossom Shrug.........


Bezzie said...

It's gorgeous! And the color you picked is very close to the picture in the mag!

Great job!

Jo said...

I love how the lace look like little hearts. Great job!

cpurl17 said...

It's lovely!! Beautiful lace work!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I love it! You look fantastic in it and the color is lovely!

At the rate you are working through your Stitches stash I think you'll definately be in need of more supply next February :) (me on the other hand...ugh...).

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I like the more fitted look too.

If you had gone up a size, it would've ended up w/an emphasis on the "trapeze" part of the pattern description. That and a neckline that drooped like nobody's business, like mine did. If I had to do mine again, I would've gone down a size like yours.

Anonymous said...

It's me Hubbs. Love the crocs, hate the toe yukkkkk! Veggies are cool. I love the little hat, can I have one? I also love the top its gorgeous. The boys are so grown up, I miss you all so much. T. xx