Friday, December 26, 2008

Yes, we have some knitting content.....

Hats for Alex. This is my 2008 contribution, knit throught the year. Just over 1 a month. Not very exciting, so I livened it up with a pool shot, to warm all you Northerners up :0) If you've got a stash of them, send them in ASAP to count towards Trillian's 2008 total. And how could I NOT post a(nother) Christmas shot of my boys. Here they are on Christmas morning - Matt has his Knuffle Bunny (thanks Nan & Bob) and is wearing his new Lightning McQueen sunglasses (thanks to Santa for filling his stocking).
And you see the big red thing behind Teddy? That Matt's 'new' bike. Teddy got a real new bike (it's on the other side of the tree, out of shot), but all day they were saying how Matt's 'new' bike looked EXACTLY like Teddy's OLD bike. You've gotta love the innocence of the small people.


Bezzie said...

Dear lord, so cute!!! And yes, gotta agree with the innocence of little ones. Enjoy that while you can and they're none the wiser!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

What Christmas cuties!!! Love them!

And love the hats...and is that sunshine I see?!