Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Money Pit

I've been a bit preoccupied lately. We sold our house, from now on only to be known as The Money Pit.

Our buyers are paying more than $100 grand less than we paid for it. $104 grand, to be precise. Hence, TMP. Oh well, it's only worth what someone will pay for it and they were our first offer in over 6 months on the market.

Now we are in the unenviable position of coming up with a big wad of cash to settle our mortgage AND pay closing costs. Ouch. Then we have to save up (again!) for a deposit on our next house.

Thank goodness for Bezzie and her Random Meanderings. Reading her blog has been really good preparation for the cheapassedness which has now become part of daily life at Chez Disco.

Out are our regular dinners and lunches out. In are brown bag lunches and coupon cutting.

Out is our cable, internet and home phone. In is using our iphones to their fullest extent, mooching the in-laws wi-fi and watching DVDs (which we already own, or can borrow from the library).
Out is taking 'stuff' to Goodwill. In is some major activity on Craigslist.

Out is our two car family. In is our one car family.

Out is accepting the first quote for the Radon remediation work we must have done before our closing. In is shopping around and getting a cheaper quote by $250.

And on it goes.......

We close on May 8th. Then we'll spend a month living with my parents-in-law (they live only a 10 minute drive from us), while Teddy finishes up at school. Then we're all (including the in-laws) moving 'up north'.
Charlotte here we come.
That's about all I can stomach writing about the situation for now. I'm sure there'll be a little more economy-ranting to come at a future date.....
But for now, I'll leave you with a couple cute pics of my Teddy. He had surgery on Monday (goodbye $500 deductible!) to remove 4 large moles from his scalp.
Before the op, flying high with his bear, Bob.

Afterwards. My little sick siekh.

It's quite amazing how quickly children recover from things like this. We dropped $8 on a prescription of tylenol and codeine for him, in case he was in pain afterwards. Only 1 teaspoon of that has been taken and I'm left wondering what to do with the rest!!!


OK Amigos, that's all for now. I'm off to pack up some more boxes. Happy Wednesday :0)


turtlegirl76 said...

Well, at least the house is sold! That's half the battle. I'm sorry you didn't get even close to what you paid for it though. =( I do look forward to you moving here! And anything I can do to help you out, you just let me know!

cupcakefaerie said...

Yes, celebrate that the house is sold! (Tough in this market.) It's also fantastic that your little boy and his bear are recovering quickly from surgery.

Sending good wishes for a smooth transition in the coming weeks/months to your new home. xoxo

IrishgirlieKnits said...

At least you'll be moving somewhere fabulous soon! So glad that the house has finally sold, and yes, thank goodness for Bezzie (and the inlaws!).

Sending big hugs to Teddy! Glad he's recovering quickly!!

Bezzie said...

It's a pendulum, you're just swung to the crappy side right now. Soon you'll be back to the decent side.

Glad to hear the Tman made it thru his surgery no worse for the wear!

Jo said...

Ouch! I hope things get better soon. I think Teddy needs a jaunty hat to wear over his bandages :)

cpurl17 said...

I hope little Teddy continues to heal quickly!. Save that Tylenol for when Mommy needs a little medicine.

And here's to that pendulum swinging back quickly.

Zonda said...

Aww..poor Teddy! Glad he's ok! :)

:( on the whole house thing, hang in there though!