Monday, February 1, 2010

Small things!

My cousin-in-law Danit (if that's a real term - my husband's cousin's wife), asked me to make a baby gift for her friend who'd just had a boy. Well, I love the old standbys, so I whipped up a Baby Surprise Jacket and a pair of matching Christine's Booties with some sock yarn I'd had forever - Misty Mountain Farm Jubilee.

Knit on 4mm needles, it turned out a great size for maybe 3-6 months. My own baby-gauge is gone, now my own are ginormous, so that's a very rough guess. I'm pleased with how it turned out. The colours didn't pool, which is always my biggest worry with these yarns. I had already made Danit's baby a pair of these booties, so I know she likes them.
Love the garter stitch. And I already had these buttons, in a massive multi-pack from Joann's.
It was my birthday at the beginning of January. I didn't really get gifts from Tommy and the boys - y'all know we're trying to save, right. But I had some lovely gifts from family and friends. My mom gave me some money, which came in handy as I spotted yarn on sale during my trip to England.

Here are my favourite gifts. Two lovely friends gave me (among other things) these keyring fobs. First, my English BFF Hubbs gave me the Union Jack sparkler. Then my Knitster BFF Carrie sent me the teeny-weeny-stitch-picker-upper-crochet-hook-thingy. So exciting, I had just read about it that morning and thought what a neat idea. And doesn't its pink bead go well with the flag :0) Thank you ladies :0)
Just going to show that the best things can really be the smallest.


Zonda said...

That BSJ and booties are so cute, love the colors. Great little gifties too!

turtlegirl76 said...

So cute! Love the BSJ and those booties are so fun to knit. They look fantastic.

And Happy Belated Birthday!!

Jo said...

Very pretty baby outfit - I have attempted the BSJ a few times with absolutely no success.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love the BSJ! Great use of yarn too..just perfect!

And how perfect does the crochet thingy match the keychain Hubbs gave you!! you know you are loved everytime you take your keys out!!

Bezzie said...

Too cute on all three counts! I know what you mean about "baby gauge" they grow up too fast and it's hard to believe they were ever so wee!