Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stuff and Nonsense

I am ridiculously happy to see that The Principles of Knitting is finally scheduled for reprint. I used to check this book out of the library all the time when I was doing the TKGA Level 1 Masters Course. The author is quite opinionated, and this puts some people off the book. It is though, the most comprehensive book of knitting techniques I've ever seen - 704 pages people! If you have $45 to spare, it is available for pre-order on Amazon. Click Here :0)

I'll be pre-ordering my own copy once we move house. Yes, we bought a new house. In the community we've been living in the past (almost) 2 years. Our scheduled closing date is 1st April. Don't know if that's some cosmic house-buying joke on us, considering our less than successful history with houses.

You know what a new house needs? This new pattern from the gals at Mason-Dixon Knitting? Be still my beating heart, Noro and log cabins. And I've always wanted to do a mitered square. And proceeds to Japan. Of course, I purchased the pattern right away. Now to work out how to pay for all that Noro.

Last year I made myself some ankle socks to go with my Birks. They fit my 5 year old better than they fit me (below left). Not because my gauge was *that* off, he just has big old feet. And if you make one child a pair of socks, the other has to have some too (below right). They've both been well worn this winter, like, as soon as they're washed, they're on the feet again.

Happy Sunday :0)


Jo said...

Beautiful socks!

Zonda said...

Gosh, sure hope closing goes well ;) Love the socks, hehe.funny when you know the colorway on sight :)

Kaye said...

Ha ha, it's like if you give a mouse a cookie or a pig a pancake or a moose a muffing--if you knit a brother some socks, his little brother is going to want some too!
Congrats on the house!

HL said...

Oh thank you for the heads up on the JHH book. I've been hoarding a copy that I borrowed from one of the local universities. Now I'll be able to bring it back and not get overdue fines. They frown when the library faculty do that...