Monday, June 13, 2011


Did you see Carrie's cupcake photo today (scroll down)? It reminded me to post about the cupcakes I've been making lately that've gotten a bunch of compliments and requests for my recipe.

I don't really have a recipe per se, I just google "cupcake recipe" or "basic cupcake recipe" and choose the one at the top. As long as it has butter, sugar, eggs and flour in some combination, you can't go wrong. The last couple of times though, I've used this Martha Stewart creation for batter (leaving out the orange) and another Martha Stewart creation for buttercream frosting. I use these as proportion guides for the basic batter and frosting.

To flavour the cakes and frosting, I add in some mashed fruit, or peanut butter, or cocoa powder, or whatever flavour I want them to be.
So, here are Saturday's creations. The first cakes are black and blue berry cakes - mashed up blackberries and blueberries, just stir them into the batter and the frosting. The frosting is a wee bit wet and does well to be put in the fridge to set a little, once it's been spread on top of the cupcake.

The other is banana cake - mashed up super-ripe bananas (I keep them in the freezer when they're too squishy to eat, then defrost as needed). I threw in a few chocolate chips too. The frosting has a good tablespoon of peanut butter mixed in.

No fancy swirls or decorations, just plain old delicious.

I have dessert to make for a dinner on Thursday night. I'm thinking pineapple and coconut and some more black'n'blues.

Happy Monday :0)
Disco xo


Kaye said...

Love it! And I love your no-fear attitude towards these. So many people are scared of baking!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Next weekend this is a must try for me! Try strawberry puree too....just like Sprinkles perhaps? Go you!