Friday, September 2, 2011

A Birthday Scarf

Wow, it has been way too long! School is back in session and this year, I'm serving as Treasurer on our PTO. Let me tell you, I've had full-time jobs that weren't this much work! I have processed about 10 million checks for merchandise and ice-creams and coupon books and raffles (which we're not allowed to call raffles, 'cause that would be gambling and illegal!) and next week is our main fundraiser, so I'll have 100 million more checks to process!!! All for a good cause though ;0)

It's my mom's birthday today. After the never ending Mother's Day scarf, combined with a distinct contraction of knitting time, I made her this super quick and easy one skein scarf.The yarn is Kollage's Lofty, which is a bulky Merino wool. If you combined all three photos I took, you may come close to the actual colour, which is a kind of lavendary-pale pink. It's super soft, so I think Mam'll like it. I have some more of this yarn, in different colours, so expect more projects this fall.The stitch pattern is called a Roaming Rib. It was super easy to remember, which makes for great on-the-go knitting - a row here, a row there. And being a shorty, it needed something to close it round the neck. I chose this pretty square shawl pin. I like how the pin looks like a leaf. Happy Birthday Mam, may your neck never be cold :0)

Here's something for the Lego fans. We were out and about at the Lego Store a wee while ago and I loved this creation that was hanging in the classroom. It's a world map (obviously), made with the tiny little one dot flat legos. Clever, or what! I took some close ups, in case the boys ever want to take on a project like this. A mom can live in hope, right?
Happy Friday! And yay for long weekends - we're travelling up to Virginia to watch some college football. Go Cavs!

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Zonda said...

Beautiful scarf and pin. Yikes, that map is wild! Have a good weekend!