Thursday, July 21, 2011

A couple of Irish Girlie Knits

I have a couple of Irish Girlie projects completed recently. First up, the scarf/wrap which was supposed to be for Mother's Day this year. Better late than never.

The pattern is Le Petit Pont. I added extra garter stitches at the edges and a couple more repeats to make it wider, so it would be more like a wrap. I also added length. A lot of length. It ended up at a whopping 84" and felt like the never ending scarf - as these things tend to.
The colour is a very pretty seafoam green/blue and the yarn has a lovely sheen, which I just couldn't capture with my camera. I used Creamy by Kollage
Next up, a sample knit of the Summer Wind pattern. This should have been a super quick knit if I'd had the right length cable needle. Instead I just had a 40" which meant, instead of the stitches pushing themselves round, I had to hike them round the cable to be knit, wasting tons of time.
It's a pretty pattern though and, for me, the small size was just right to wrap twice round my neck to keep it cozy.
When Tommy saw me trying it on his response was "That makes SO much more sense than a scarf". Smart man!

Yarn used is Knitted Wit Peacock. Don't know the colour name (maybe peacock too?), but a combo of chartreuse, turquoise, minty green and purple kept me happy while I knit :0)

Happy Days!
Disco xo

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