Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring has sprung

The magnolia trees are blooming, the peach trees are about to, and the other trees are all looking fuzzy round the edges. Last week we had an 80 degrees day and my boys wore short pants and short-sleeved t-shirts. We played in the park after school. The monkey bars are still favourite :0)

Do you ever read Attic 24? Lucy is an avid hooker and is a big fan of bold colours. Her blog never fails to cheer. She inspired me to buy this pretty hyacinth for my kitchen. It even came in a bright yellow pot, much nicer than the usual brown. The smell is amazing,
and I love the little green edges of the petals.Happy Thursday
Disco xo


Kaye said...

I have a similar long pot I bought at Target last year--love that thing! I'm not quite ready for feels like we're skipping winter!

KnitNurd said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Debs..I think I will go buy me a Hyacinth too!