Saturday, April 21, 2012

Michigan Knitting

My DH has been working a lot in Grand Rapids, Michigan the past 6 months or so. Travelling and spending almost every weekday there. So, we decided that's where we'd take our Spring Break. Why not, right?! We've had enough Florida sunshine to last us a lifetime!

He and I drove his car up there a couple weeks before, so I had an idea of what the weather could be like - somewhere between cold and hot. I think maybe this year is not a typical Michigan spring. So, the boys and I packed for every eventuality - shorts and long-sleeved pants (as they call them), t-shirts and winter coats.

Just a week or so before that, Marcy sent me her new pattern, Waterville Hat. I had just taken a class on stranded knitting with Candace Eisner Strick, so was super keen to practice. I used the yarn leftover from last year's Monkey Bones Hat and got straight to work. I was able to finish in time to wear the hat when we arrived in MI, where it was pretty cold and a bit rainy too. Here she is.....
And a close-up of my stitches. A bit uneven, but they've since smoothed out with blocking.
The top of the hat decreases rapidly and cinches to close. This gives a pretty good fit for my big ole head.
I am absolutely in love with this hat. It fits me so well and is warm as toast. Thanks Marcy for another great design. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this, especially with the neutral colours I chose.

This wasn't the only knitting I got to wear in MI. I finished a Honey Cowl for myself. I swear this is the best pattern ever and will likely get the most wear next season. It is just the right size for wrapping twice and the yarn is comfy like nothing else - Madelintosh Tosh DK in Thunderstorm, which is a grey/blue combo.
While in MI, I ran out of the yarn I'd brought to make "hexi-puffs", so sought out a LYS. The boys and I spent a very pleasant time in A Grand Skein, petting yarn and their English Angora bunny. Matthew was particularly smitten and picked the poor thing up til his heart was racing (I saved him, don't worry).

They had some of the precious Madelinetosh, so I snagged two more skeins in this very rich red called "Tart". It'll become another Christmas Honey Cowl and I will love every minute of knitting it :0)
Happy weekend, peeps.
disco xo

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Kaye said...

Gorgeous hat! Your colorwork skill is amazing!

I like GR. There's this killer sandwich place there that only serves turkey're so good!