Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All you need is love....and a nice warm scarf

I made the 'rainbow' potato chip scarf - it's on the right. I cast on 130 stitches and followed the pattern. It turns out mighty long!!! This is now with USPS winging its way to England to my mom - I hope she likes it.

I had so much yarn leftover that I made two more - one in blues and one in pinks. I only cast on 100 sts for each of these. They are on their way to my Aunties in Wales.

I think these scarves are beautiful. I loved working with the alpaca silk yarn, it was so soft and, well, silky :-)
Teddy made this beautiful flower at school for me for Valentines Day last week. It is a coffee filter - teachers are so ingenious. The teacher also wrote down his dictation - he's talking so well, I think, for a 3½ YO.

There have been fun and games at Casa Disco since this past weekend. The boys are now sharing a room! Both of them were squealing with delight on Friday night when we had lights out and they were supposed to be going to sleep. There was shrieking and giggling and running around the house. Matt loves that he can get out of his bed.

So the first 2 nights I eventually ended up putting him in his crib. This weekend we'll take down the crib and then there'll be no going back.

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Jessica said...

You are a genius! I love the scarf with the different colors! It gives it so much more dimension.

I remember sharing a room with my sister when we were little. Lots of nights up laughing. :D