Sunday, February 4, 2007


I have been collecting a couple of skeins here and there of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk - it is so soft and shiny, I love it. I sent some to my Knitty pal over at and she made a 'potato chip scarf' with it.

Well, she made a beautiful job of this scarf and I have to say I'm inspired to try one myself. The original pattern calls for a variegated yarn, so I thought I'd make mine with one row of each of the colours I have. Will it be pretty? Or will it look like Doctor Who's? Who knows?!

Here's a picture of my rockstar son, Matthew, lunching on his favourite pasta in tomato sauce. It's not ALWAYS this messy I promise. Although the kitchen table usually needs a good scrub afterwards. He really is as cute as a button.

And here's Teddy, hardly a mark on him.

This week I managed to enrol them both for pre-school programs in August. The school Teddy goes to just got really popular, deservedly I might add, because it is so AWESOME - so I was lucky to find a place still open when I arrived on 1st day of enrollment at 9.10am, enrollment forms in hand!!!

Phew! I look forward to 9 hours a week of carrying my own weight only.

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