Sunday, February 11, 2007

A couple of pictures from this weekend. We made our own pizzas for dinner tonight. Small, I know, but fully loaded :-) The small boys enjoyed doing it and are wearing the evidence on their shirts and faces. It was a lot of fun and v.tasty to boot.

Teddy started playing T-Ball at our local YMCA. This is Matt holding his bat.

I've been knitting potato chip scarves this week - the rainbow one turned out so nice I decided to make another in blues and another in just pinks. I LOVE the DB Alpaca Silk yarn - it is so soft and smooth to knit with. My favourite yarn so far by far. I only cast on 100 stitches for the 2nd scarf - it still turned out nice and long. About to cast on for the 'pinks' now.

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Jessica said...

Heehee! Your kids are too cute! I like your idea of making mini pizzas. I'm going to have to do that with my little brother next time he comes over. I can't wait to see how your rainbow potato chip scarf turned out!