Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I've been busy, really. On Monday last week, Tommy got out of bed to find the boys already up and about and eating lollipops at their table. They drag the kitchen chairs up to the closet and climb to get them! Cheeky monkeys.

Tuesday they got sick. We took them to the doctor and Matt went on an IV drip to rehydrate him, poor love. He continued being sick for the next 3 days. A lot of time was spent on the sofa cuddling up and napping. And a lot of time was spent in the laundry room too. I don't know how many wash cycles we went through.

Here they both are, snugged up on the sofa in their blankies. I knit the red afghan. It's sort of a patchwork of cables, bobbles, chevron and basketweave patterns. Thank goodness I made it with acrylic. That went in the wash too. I always tell Teddy that when he's snugged up in it, it's like having a cuddle from mommy, because she made it for him. That makes him smile.

They are all better now, thank goodness.

Teddy is back in school today, so Matt and I joined Ann, Mo, Oscar and Gracie for a quick trip to the beach. Matt still doesn't like the water, but he enjoyed the animal crackers and dinosaur ritz. Of course, I forgot the camera, so no pics of the great event. Next time maybe.

I have been busy at the sewing machine again, making bags for my etsy shop. I've sold 3 now - I'm very pleased. I did a trade for 2 of them and deleted them from the shop, so it only looks like I sold 1 - now I know a way to leave them on there for trades. You live and learn. Here's a piccy of the first bags I made.
I've been busy knitting too, but on secret projects so I can't post pictures yet.
It's difficult to keep up this blogging thing, but I like the weekly posting - I'll try for more often though.

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IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said... to wake up earlier to catch those rugrats i guess :) lollipops for it!!!!! Glad they are feeling better!!

LOVE THOSE bags!!! LOVE THEM!!! But you knew that already :)