Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Pat.'s?

Well, what a day of ups and downs. Or rather one big up and then one huge crash down.

The big up: we went to the St Pat's day parade in Naples and had a GREAT time. This was my and the boys' first St Pat's day parade. The boys loved it and were so well behaved. They had fun at the playpark first, then we crossed the street to watch the parade. They were very pleased with the candy and beads thrown from the floats. See us all in our green shirts->

It always chokes me to see NYPD and NYFD and they were part of the parade. They will forever be tied in my memory to Sept 11th and thinking about that day breaks my heart over again. Which kind of brings us to the big down of the day.
We came home, had lunch and were just hanging out when Tommy saw an ambulance drive down our street.
To cut a long story short (I just typed it out, it's a long story!) our neighbour across the street found her husband face down in their pool. He was flown to the hospital and mercifully regained consciousness, but was immediately sedated and a whole series of tests are now being done on him. So we don't know the level of his consciousness yet or whether he has any permanent damage.
Just yesterday afternoon at around the same time of day, Matt and I were talking to them on our driveway as they took a walk. You just never know when is the last time you get to see someone or talk to them.
A prayer for our neighbours tonight......

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