Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's been a while.....

....but I've been busy.

We had a fabulous week in Charlotte, NC with Trish, John, Ashton & Bailey. Of course, I didn't take any pics!!! What a wonderful, young and vibrant city that is. I LOVED it. Teddy loved Ashton and Matt loved Bailey. The doggy was glad to have a friend for the week.

Hardly any knitting, just working on the wips.

I got a couple of great packages in the mail the past few weeks. First from my knitster, Irishgirlie, who sent my first ever SOCKS THAT ROCK yarn. Look:

Gorgeous Watermelon Tourmaline colour. Yummy. She also sent chocolate (long gone) and a nifty little booklet to keep track of my knitting needles. I really do need to take stock, so that will come in handy. And she was really kind and sent books for the boys too. Thomas and Cars the Movie. Both favourites of the guys, so big thanks from them.
I'm saving this yarn to knit up while I'm in the UK. Gotta find the perfect sock pattern for it. And make them toe up so's not to make a sock length faux pas :-)

I received another awesome package yesterday from my fairy oddmother. Huge thanks to this truly angelic lady. Look at this tropical lot:
a lei, chocolate macadamias, lime & coconut lotion, flower ice-cube tray (for my tropical drink), flower candles, 3 balls of fabulous bamboo and a hank of kool-aid dyed merino. She told me she was cooking up a surprise for me in her kitchen. I never thought she was dying me something. Eek, isn't it beautiful? I just love the greens and blues. So bright. I'm such a lucky girl.

And my boys are lucky too. She sent them HUGE colouring pages with Cars the Movie characters on them. We immediately taped them to the floor and got to work on them:
And here's one more quick pic of the guys enjoying the pool on Friday. It was SO warm. Living the Florida lifestyle :-)
I'm casting on tonight with the yarn from the fairy oddmother's first package to make a headband just like Jupiter Jessica's. Go see it and leave a nice message on her blog - she just moved from Florida to Oregon and needs a bit of cheering up.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Welcome home Disco!! Love your package from Fairy Oddmother! And, I was admiring the head wrap Jupiter Jessica made yesterday.... we are so alike you and I! I loved it too!

Those boys are the cutest! Look how happy they look, coloring away!

Oh, for the STR, check out the Monkey socks on Knitty. That's what I'm going to make next maybe :)

Jessica said...

Aw, you are so sweet! I am truly jealous of your loot. You deserve it though. Soak up some of that sun for me. :D