Monday, May 21, 2007


I've been playing with some new 'toys'. First some new needles. I'm using Addi Turbos for the first time - making a hairband for Hubbs to match her prairie tunic (which turned up in the mail 4 weeks later, phew!). I love them, they're so slidy and easy to use.
Also, making a pink baby cardigan with some beautiful Lantern Moon Rosewoods. Oh my, they are wonderful too. The yarn is Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino Astrakhan, edged with Cashmerino Aran. It is such a pretty combination.

And isn't this a sight for a knitter's sore eyes. We turned our kitchen table into a craft table this afternoon and I used my swift and winder for the first time. Teddy REALLY wanted to learn how to do it, so that's him 'helping'. We're winding the STR Watermelon Tourmaline that Carrieknits sent me and I'm going to make Monkey Socks from with it.

And here we all are enjoying an early family birthday celebration for Matthew who'll be turning 2 next Sunday. Doesn't time fly, as they say.... He enjoyed his party very much and was a bit befuddled when we started handing him gifts at the end. He got over it though and was very happy tearing the wrapping off them all. This morning there was ALOT of lego on the floor. :-)

The small boys and I are flying to England on Wednesday night for a month of visiting family and friends there and in North Wales and Ireland too. We intend to make the trip into London a few times, going on the London Eye, visiting the Aquarium, taking on open top bus tour. Then when DH arrives we'll be off to North Wales to spend time with my Grandparents and Aunts, then getting the ferry over to Dublin and driving down to Kinsale to visit his cousin & family. It will be an exciting trip.

Bon Voyage.......


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Happy Birthday Matt!! Legos for you and a swift and winder for mom!! Fun fun!!

Disco....have a great trip! A whole month!! I'm going to miss you!!! Take lots of pictures!!! The baby outfit looks so cute too...can't wait to see it done!

Good luck with the monkeys!! No, not the boys, the socks ;)

Jessica said...

The baby cardigan looks like it's going to be beautiful. Ooh la la birthday parties and swifts! Happy Birthday to Matthew. Your month long visit sounds like it's going to be awesome!! I'm mailing you something teeny tiny so you probably won't get it until you get back. :P Have fun and we'll miss you!!