Friday, June 6, 2008

Garden Update...

So, here's the pot garden in its entirety. I couldn't bear to take a closeup of the corn - it's officially deceased. Eaten by caterpillars. I hope we at least get a butterfly from that failed crop ;0) At least it can be composted.Now, the tomatoes have been fairing a lot better. However (if there's not a but, there's always a however, eh!), once the flowers have bloomed and started shriveling, they fall off completely. You can see in this next picture exactly what I mean. Another caterpillar victim, I wonder......
But look what popped up at the bottom of the tomatoes. No, not the worm. Mushrooms. I expect they are non-edible, but an alive thing none-the-less.
In the next pot over, we have another spontaneous grower. I have no idea what this ferny thing is, but it's growing almost better than anything else in that pot - and that seems to be a whole lot.
So, gardening update over, I must tell all about my new 'gig'. On Monday, the boys and I went to Joann's in search of some balls, so we could paint them and make a mobile of the planets of our universe. I say "we", what I mean is "Tommy and the boys". So, we chose a bunch of different sized paintable foam balls and continued down the aisle. At the end, I almost jumped with joy. A KIT, with balls, instructions and everything we'd need for just the job.

Who's going to turn down a ready-made kit (if a kit can ever be ready made, that is)? So here we have one of their summer projects. My little Einsteins.....
Anyway, I digress from the gig, but, give a proud mama a break, will ya.
On the way into Joann's, there was a huge sign saying they needed X, Y and Z teachers. One of the teachers needed was for knitting classes. It's been a few months since I jacked in the noble Booksellers and I've kind of been missing a little working challenge in my life since then, so I decided to apply.
I completed an application, brought in some samples of my work, which they loved, and the education co-ordinator put me on their roster starting mid-June.
Gasp! I'm going to be a knitting teacher. I'm really excited about it, but also nervous. I don't really like talking in group settings. But I DO love knitting and I want others to learn about what I love, so I'm just going to take the plunge. Oh, crikey, what have I done. I know, I know. I just have to get over myself and get on with it.
Other job news. Or more like training news. In September, when both boys will be in school for decent amounts of time, I'm going to take an H&R Block tax training course. Yes, I shall be a bean-counter once more. I girl's gotta make a buck, right. And we don't want the years I spent training in the UK to go to waste, huh.
So, I leave you on that note and (im)patiently wait for Tommy to get back home with the boys and my Friday night wine. Chin-chin, old chaps, here's to the weekend. Bottoms up!


Bezzie said...

But, but, how did the 'pillars get in? It looks like you have a screened off area. Oh rest in peace pot garden, rest in peace!

Congrats on the teaching gig and bean counting!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

It must be that humidity?! I remember Tricia had the hardest time growing anything in when she lived in Biloxi. Keep trying though :)

Yay for teaching!! How awesome! Plus, does that include a Joann's discount!! I love those science kits too :)

Happy weekend :)

cpurl17 said...

Joann's is lucky to have you! Congratulatios!

Jo said...

You will make a great teacher! My garden is having problems, too - of the slug variety ;(