Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kureyon Addict!

I started knitting the squares for my Kureyon Paintbox blanket. They are addictive, that's all there is to it. Watching the colours develop and shift is quite incredible. What a fascinating project. Who knew garter stitch could be so fun?!

Here's the first square I knit, colour 150. Quite subtle, yet beautiful altogether. I started and finished this in one go.Now, put your sunglasses on for this next one.

Subtle is not a word to describe Colour 154. Magenta, turquoise, orange. Along with blues, greens and yellows. Fabulous......
The latest garden wip is a real live tomato. See how she grows?

And, it's official. A week and a half after his first declaration of being a big boy, Matt has consistently pee'd and poop'd on the toiletl. Hurrah! Now, if only they'd learn to wipe their own bottoms!

Happy Wednesday.....


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those squares look fabulous! The colors of Noro are absolutely gorgeous!!

Yay Matt!!!

Bezzie said...

Oh man, you're cranking on the squares--they look great.

And a mini tomato! Isn't it cool? (Yes, I'm easily amused).

cpurl17 said...

You probably know this but Kureyon is the phonetic way to say "crayon" in Japanese. And with those colors, it's easy to say why the yarn is named after crayons!