Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK, it's not MY birthday, but here's what we were doing 5 years ago today. A bit blurry (a photo of a photo!), but none-the-less, here we are with our tiny baby Teddy.And here he is with his 5th birthday cake. Dinosaurs was his theme this year - we thought it was going to be Cars the movie for the third year in a row, but in a last minute change of mind, he wanted dinosaurs :0) Let me tell you, that was one monster of a cake!
We celebrated on Sunday afternoon with a family party at our clubhouse. Free, and I didn't have to tidy my own house to within an inch of my life - what more could mommy ask for?
We played some party games and I was surprised that the Americans didn't know one of my favourite childhood party games, called "Pass the Parcel". So here I will share with you all this fabulous British (apparently) party game.
Pass the Parcel
Get a small prize - if you find a pack of dinosaurs on clearance for 50cents at Party City, that's ideal.
Wrap it in a sheet of paper.
Wrap it in another sheet of paper.
Wrap it in more sheets of paper - the number of sheets until you think your kids will be bored with unwrapping. I guessed at one sheet for each year of party kid's age, so in this case 5 sheets.
Kids sit on the floor in a circle.
Give the parcel to the birthday boy (or girl, or any of the kids in fact).
Play music, while the kids pass the parcel around the circle.
Stop the music.
The kid holding the parcel removes one (and only one!) sheet of wrapping.
Start the music again.
Repeat until last sheet of wrapping is removed and that child wins the prize.
Kids absolutely LOVE this game :0) To make it a bit fairer, and so that everyone gets a small something, I wrap a tiny treat in between the sheets. A lollipop, or other small candy.

On Sunday, we played four games. I had two boy prizes and two girl prizes wrapped up. It's easier for the person controlling the music, if all girls sit one side of the circle and all boys sit the other side. Don't want a boy with a pink prize, do we. One of the girls on Sunday squealed, "Yay, girly prizes" when the first one was opened? :0)
Have fun......


Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Teddy! That is a great looking cake!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Happy happy birthday Teddy!! Hope you have lots of fun!!

And I love pass the parcel (never heard of it before!)...thanks for sharing disco :)

Bezzie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Interesting game--it's like hot potato but with cooler prizes and more stuff to clean up! ;-)

Criosa said...

Happy Birthday Teddy!

I learned Pass the Parcel from a number of international staff when working at summer camps. such a fun game!

cpurl17 said...

Happy Birthday to Teddy!!

Imagine playing "Pass the yarn" some of us might want to do the 'passing' part.

tapmouse said...

Sounds like a fun game! Happy Birthday to Teddy! A fellow Leo, as my birthday was on the 26th! And that Ginormous cake looked deeee-lish!