Friday, January 9, 2009

"Disco" - friend to the stars

Well, I mean, look who commented on my previous post!

That's all thanks to Irishgirlie's recent fundraiser, I'm sure - I got a thank you email today too :0)

And Irishgirlie will remember well, how I greeted Vickie Howell last year at Stitches, as though we'd been friends since Kindergarten!!! What a goof. Thank God that poor woman is so calm and cool - she obviously gets it all the time as she really didn't bat an eyelid.

Can I help it if I get knitting-star struck? I was even a bit giddy when I went to Charlotte Yarn to meet Turtlegirl last year (or was it the year before?).

I promised you knitting in this 'episode' and boy do I have major knitting news. Or maybe I should call it fiber news.

A new LYS opened 'near' to me. It's about a 20-25 min drive, so not exactly on my street corner. But only a 5-10 min drive from Matt's pre-school, so in a way, it's very local :0) It's a bit tucked away, on the side of, kind of an industrial looking building. And it's tiny. And cute. And has gorgeous yarns.

Did you see Turtlegirl's crayon yarn post today? They have that sock yarn. In muted greens that were just screaming to me the other day when I was there.

Why was I there? Well, apart from fondling the squishy goodness of their malabrigo, and inhaling the scent of the softest cashmere, I was teaching a class.

If one person counts as a class. And it wasn't so much a class as a project helpdesk. But it was fun. And my client booked me again, same time next week. Suhweet!!! Also, Gabriella, the owner, asked me to teach a sock knitting class. ME!!! I'm psyched.

Maybe next time I'm there, I'll remember to take my camera out of my bag, take some pics and post them on the here with more details. Until then, let me just.....


Segue back to my 'friend to the stars' theme. I worked at B&N a bit over the Christmas holiday. I just tried to type out the details, but bored myself, so, to cut a long story short, I wrapped the gifts of designer Kristin Omdahl.

She lives locally and has just had a book published by Interweave Press called, Wrapped in Crochet (I'd put a link in, but my right mouse clicker isn't working and I don't know how to copy and paste without it! and amazon's links are forever long). What a very nice lady she is I must say. She's teaching a crochet class at Gabriella's later this month and you know how I love to crochet. So I'm taking the class, making the scarf.

Last but not least, a random famous person snippet. The two most famous people from South Shields, the town where I grew up:
Literary icon - Catherine Cookson
Film Director - Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator, etc)

I'm off to finish the last side of the border on the Noro blanket now. Oh garter stitch, how I love thee :0)


Beverly said...

You have friends in high places! How cool!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Hi! Vickie Howell! I can still here you say, clear as day! Oh Disco!! I love you!! And um, I don't think Stephanie has ever commented on my posts!! You rock sister!! Even birthday wishes!!!

Yay for teaching!! And socks too!! Oh, aren't those Pagewood Farms yarns just divine! Lovely!! If they carry the Aleyska sock yarn by them...yum yum cashmere!!

Jo said...

I can't think of anyone famous from where I come from. I know the lead singer of Nickelback has a house there now, but he isn't from there.

Bezzie said...

Aleyska sock yarn by Pagewood--yes, buy them! Aleyska is an Aleut word for "Alaska"!

Penny Karma said...

Six Degrees of Separation, baby!

Is Vickie Howell, like, 4 feet tall? She looks so tiny on TV.