Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a Blue Moon Birthday Bonanza

My mom sent me some money for my birthday last week. I've been coveting a few things from Blue Moon Fiber Arts for a wee while, so what better to spend it on.

When the new colours came out a few months ago, there were so many I liked. Well, all of them really. But reading the stash enhancement thread on the Socks That Rawk group over on Ravelry, one in particular kept jumping out at me.

Here it is. Treehugger. I love the mix of greens, browns and red. Now it's actually in my hands I'm not disappointed at all - I just LOVE it.

And Irishgirlie's pink yarn fumes have gotten to me finally. I also ordered the beautiful Oma Desala. Pinks of every hue.

Finally, I've wanted sock blockers for the longest time. They were first on my purchase list this time. Here's the full package. Not as large as some others' Blue Moon orders, but perfectly proportioned for me.

I really like the Leyburn socks that, it seems like, everyone is knitting right now. I think I'd like to make them with the treehugger. The little crossover stitches seem to really highlight the different colours in the yarn.

Oh yes, I still knit. Although I haven't posted pics in ages, there's been a good amount going on. I hope to have some knitting news in my next post actually.

Until then, I bid you good night :0)


IrishgirlieKnits said...

My kind of post :) Those are two absolutely gorgeous colors!! Probably my faves from the last update!

And yay for the sock blockers!! I know you've been wanting those for awhile!!

Hope you join the knitalong!! The pattern goes fairly quick too!!

Bezzie said...

Ooo..Treehugger! I love the name and the color!

Beverly said...

I've been wanting some sock blockers too. Scout's Swag has some that have martini glasses cut into them that I think are just the coolest things. Someday...

Zonda said...

I love my Treehugger too! Hehe..pinks now huh ;)So are ya gonna join us in the Leyburn KAL?

Stephanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and you picked two of my favourites, especially treehugger. Gorgeous.