Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of my friends here in the burbs has started giving art/craft lessons out of her home. She's super talented and a lot of fun too. My boys have been thoroughly enjoying their various sessions with her. I'll post pics of their masterpieces another time soon.

Before Christmas, she proposed a barter of my knitting for her lessons. Happy happy joy joy. Here's the headband I rustled up for her.
She trawled Ravelry for something you might see in her favourite shop, Anthropology, and chose this pattern, the Whitney Headband. The headband was mindless knitting, but the flower was more challenging as it was crocheted. I swallowed my fear though and pressed on, following the pattern step by step. I actually had to highlight the individual instructions as I completed them. Crochet's not so easy, but I made it. It may have one more petal than the pattern, but we'll call that a design modification :0)I used my beloved DB Alpaca Silk aran. Warmth was needed for a Christmas trip to PA, so that fitted the bill. Here's a quickly modelled shot. I can see why the short-rows of Calirometry are so popular - you don't get that rolled up bit at the back, but otherwise, I think this is a cute FO :0)

Headband pattern: The Whitney Headband by Jennifer DiMaria
Needle: 4.5mm
Flower pattern: Irish Rose by Lesley Stanfield
Hook: 4mm

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