Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Purse v Purse

I'm traveling to Stitches West in Santa Clara tomorrow. Pretty exciting, eh :0) So what's a girl to do, but finish up a couple of projects from previous Stitches?!

I wanted a shoulder bag, but not quite as big as the Celtic Tote, which I've made a couple of times now. I scoured my collection of stitch dictionaries and concluded that I need more cable patterns. I did see this one though, and it actually turned out the perfect size.
The yarn was some cream worsted I had been gifted a million years ago, nothing special. The handle is the real Stitches deal though. Purchased on my first Stitches trip in 2008. Talk about stash, right! It's just long enough to tuck the bag under my armpit, not too tight. The bag is just big enough for phone, purse, tissues, keys, etc.
And what do we put IN the bag? A purse of course. I don't want to be toting round my giant Vera Bradley purse, so made up this little set, purchased at Stitches '09.
Pics before felting.....And after. Is it just me, or does the circley one look very boobtastic? They are a great size for credit cards and a wad of cash for yarn buying :0)
Last, here's something for all you Gleeks. Which character does this sporty lass remind you of?My guys got lego people for Valentines and they came with a menu of other lego people. As soon as I saw this, I thought it looked like the coach from Glee :0)

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Zonda said...

Cute coin purses, but the purse is awesome! Especially the handle! Have a great trip :)