Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malabrigo Marrowstone WIP

I couldn't wait for the FO to show off this project. It's the Marrowstone Shawl in Malabrigo Sock. I tell you I agonized, yes agonized, over which yarn to use for this. I wanted to make the larger size, which calls for over 400 yards, and most (make that all) sock yarn skeins I have are less than that. There was only one thing for it - buy more yarn.


I just happened to be in Charlotte Yarn when I looked at the Malabrigo Sock and saw it has a very generous 440 yards. That would explain why I have such large leftover balls of this yarn from the 2 other projects I've used it on - lightbulb moment!

Here's a close up - the colour is called Playa, which I think is Spanish for beach. Appropriate as the shawl idea was conceived on a beach, if I'm reading the pattern notes right. I don't know how I managed it, but the colour of this photo is pretty representative of the actual colours in the skein too :0)
And here's how the shawl pattern is knitting up. Boy do those short rows make it feel like the knitting is speeding up. Nice! I should be finished this weekend :0)

In other news, Matthew loves having his picture taken. So here he is with his summer art camp creation - the 'stuffy' on the right. That inspired him to come home and make the stuffy in the middle, which I'm guessing is a cross between the art camp creation and his "lovey", which you can see on the left.
Our summer fun is over in only 3 short weeks. Sadness and happiness together on that day ;0)

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