Monday, February 11, 2013


I've come across, or started using, some great websites lately. is a site that helps you and your kids manage their chores and allowances.  You can set each child a task list (make beds, laundry, etc) and when these have to be completed (every day, weekly, etc).  The 'tasks' don't have to be physical chores.  They can be things like 'have a good attitude'.  That is top of our list!

I make a weekly print out of our chore list and put it on the fridge.  The boys have to highlight when they've completed each task.  At the end of the week, I'll go into the website and approve those tasks which have been completed.

Right now, we have about half a dozen 'jobs' for each boy.  I could see this getting a lot longer when we get back to SC where we'll have a lot more after-school activities and homework (we're keeping things light here in MI this year).

Each week, if all tasks are approved, they are given their allowance.  You can choose to split this between spending, saving and donating, any percentage you like.  You can include saving goals on the site too.  All in all, it's working pretty well for us. offers "the world's best courses, online, for free".  Basically, some of the top Universities/Professors are offering some of their courses free online.  I'm looking at this composition course.  My brain needs a little workout, so why not for free, right?  You must have heard of this site by now!  Whatever your crafting stripe, there's a class here for you.  I just signed up for the Mittens and Gloves Galore class with Marly Bird. I hadn't quite realised how comprehensive the classes were.  This one is 12 lessons, ranging from 5 minutes to 51 minutes.

Have you come across any interesting corners of the web lately?
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