Thursday, February 28, 2013

BeeKeeper Update

It's been such a long time since I gave an update on this blanket's progress.  As it grows, the progress looks to slow, even thought it doesn't.  One extra flower looks like so much when you only have 3.  But when you have fifty, it is only tiny.  And so I plod on.....

A lot of car-riding this past year has given me plenty of knitting time.  I've used that on big projects, like sweaters, socks and another blanket I'm crocheting, but also on these little guys.
 Carrie blogged about her knitting process here.  She also talks about having a simple, mindless project that she can just knit on anywhere, anytime she has a spare minute.  This is my equivalent project.

 There is definitely more grey than yellow in there.  That's soon to be remedied.

Not by this batch of yet-to-be-sewn hexes, but I do have some yellows winging their way to me :0)

Tomorrow, a challenge begins.  Stay tuned.....

Disco xoxo

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Tricia said...

Your hexipuffs are gorgeous. I just got on the bandwagon myself. And am very happy to have an excuse to revisit all the fun sock yarn.