Monday, August 27, 2007

Barbie and the Boys

As a child I never had a Barbie doll. I know, can you believe it?! I may be the only girl ever.

One of Teddy's little girl friend's had a birthday party a week or so ago. I was seduced by the pink aisle in Target and couldn't resist buying her a Barbie and a couple of outfits. I chose the least slutty of the outfits on the shelf. It was difficult, because they were all pretty tacky.

So, imagine my excitement on finding this book in Joann's that very same weekend. I had to have it. And with a 40% off voucher, not a bad deal to boot :-) Next stop, Target to buy my very own 'model'. Ballerina Barbie. She came with a shiny ballet dress and shoes whose colour I can only describe as 'Barbie pink'.

See, she feels the fall coming, so is cozying up to my fall lantern in her new shawl collar coat, handknit by me. I used DB Alpaca Silk DK and it only took me two days to knit. It probably took as long to seam and sew in the ends as it did to knit.

Some closeups. Isn't she pretty? What fun, even if it's 30 years too late.

I now have 3 neices (or is it nieces?) and a bunch of Teddy's girlfriends. I HAVE to make all the outfits in the book. I HAVE to.

And here's a piccy of the boys, taken when it was raining this afternoon. We got the brollies when we were home in the UK (of course!). They love to put them up in the house, which gives me shivers as I think it might be bad luck.
Seriously though, how could these two cuties be bad luck?


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Oh my goodness! First, I practically spit out my diet coke reading how you picked out the "least slutty" outfits for barbie!! I love it!!

And your post makes me want to run right out and buy this book to knit some Barbie clothes for my best friend's daughter (she would so love Auntie Carrie for it). I would love that sweater for myself! I love how Barbie can work the camera too!!

And those boys make me smile to bits!! How happy are they!!!

Mary said...

I knit a number of Barbie outfits for my granddaughter last Christmas, and my son commented that her dolls looked "much less slutty than usual."

Jessica said...

Never had any Barbies?! Oh my goodness. That's unheard of. Then again, you might have been better off without them. Well, these days anyways. I bought some Barbie stuff for a friend's kid not too long ago and you're right, it's hard to find something decent. Skanky Barbie. lol.

Your barbie sweater is amazing though! My fingers would die. I would probably get instant arthritis!