Wednesday, August 8, 2007

No Pics For You....

No pictures today. I'm too busy knitting this past week and haven't had time today to take any - it's too dark out now. So I guess this post can just be for my own reference as to where my WIPS stand.

Clapotis - I have dropped the second stitch. I am so pleased with this piece. It is going to be so cosy. The yarn is definitely ginger rather than its chocolate name. That's ok, ginger I like.
Blue Sky Tank - I'm knitting this in the round. I've finished the main body and am working straight on the back now, about 6 or 8 rows in. Very pleased with the look of this too.
MD Log Cabin Blanket - excellent progress on this. I started one of the different dyelot balls. It is definitely noticably different. I have knit the full four blocks around the full colour. I'm going to try to mix it up with the main dyelot yarn with a block here and there and a few striped blocks too. That should even out the colour difference a bit.
Falling Leaves Sock - no progress. I want to make some progress, but am enjoying the above 3 knits so much.
Grow With Me for Gracie - No progress. I read on the knittyboard that there are some mistakes in this pattern and people are having difficulty with the bodice. Maybe I won't bother with this for a good while, and perhaps it will get corrected so I don't have to think too hard about it.

I am a horrible procrastinator. This week I decided to just knit when I felt like I wanted to or had a few minutes to. Usually I would think to myself, no! there are dishes to put in the washer, laundry to put in the machine, the table to wipe, or a million of the other mundanities I do every day, then procrastinate around those tasks for a while. So I have gotten a lot more knitting done than usual. And guess what? The dishes still ended up in the washer, the laundry still got put in the machine, the table got wiped (eventually), etc. Procrastinate no more, knit more.

I went to the doctor this week for a checkup. Every time I have been this year, my weight has increased. I'm now over 160lbs, which at 5'2" isn't really where I want to be. In my defense we had been to Ruth Chris' Steakhouse the evening before, celebrating my MIL's birthday. But I guess that doesn't account for the other 35lbs of extra weight. She told me to eat right and exercise and not make excuses (it's too hot to walk the boys in the stroller, is kind of my fallback). Last night we had turkey and veg for dinner. Tonight we had turkey burgers and salad (I skipped the cheese slice on top). This morning I put the boys in the stroller and went for a walk around our nieghbourhood. They didn't complain until we were almost home. I guess the excuses just stopped. I love my doctor's straight talking attitude. She's awesome.

Talking with my MIL and her brother today, I told them my overweight problem. They were surprised I divulged the number. Why is it so sacred?

Wow, blogging is really quick with no pics.....

Happy knitting...... and dieting....... and exercising.

Disco :-)


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I'm so glad you are loving your bigger projects!! Especially the tank! I don't need a WIP photo, just a finished object one of that! Can't wait!!

I hear you on the diet/exercise thing! No more excuses. Kind of like the no more procrastinating. Knit and exercise!! I've tried to figure out some sort of system for if I exercise this much I can get this yarn....we'll see how that works!! Of course, ummm...after new orleans right??

Queen of the froggers said...

Sometimes you just have to wait for the right time to do something about health stuff, so your time must have just come! Keep up the good work! The knitting sounds productive.

Jessica said...

Wow. Look at you go on your projects! Big projects at that.

You can't just diet and you can't just work out. You have to do both to lose weight. Which gets tricky.

I've been on a french fry kick lately if that makes you feel any better! ;P