Friday, August 10, 2007

Blue Sky Blue Tank

Here she is, completed this afternoon and put straight on to wear (despite the revealing 'hipster' pants - apologies for the little bit of tummy hanging out). I just couldn't wait to show it off.

Pattern: Fitted Tank by Blue Sky Alpacas

Yarn: Dyed Cotton by Blue Sky Alpacas

Colour: 632 Mediterranean

I knit a gauge swatch for this piece - the yarn and pattern were part of a gift from my knitster, Irishgirlie, so I didn't want to mess it up. I got the same stitch gauge, but the row gauge was a tiny bit off. Well, I think stitch gauge is most important - you can adjust the no. of rows the pattern calls for using a measuring tape, right.

And I think it turned out really well. I intend this to be an incentive to lose some weight (see my last post). Look at the chest of the girl in the pattern photo, and compare to my, erm, rather fuller chest. It will look better on me after a few of those excess pounds are gone. (I have power-walked every day this week since the doc's visit - I feel good about it).

The pattern called for 3 skeins for the 351/2 inch bust, but I only used 2 and still have a little left of that second. So if someone on Ravelry could look me up a pattern that uses 1 and a bit skeins of BSA Cotton....... :-)

And just because it's Friday, here is some gorgeous yarn I bought at my LYS closing down sale a couple of weeks ago. Fiesta La Luz, 100% silk, 2oz/210yds. This is the most expensive yarn I've ever bought for half-price. Oh lucky me.

I got 3 skeins of Vanilla Bean,

one skein of Lichen
and one skein of La Luz Multi in Painted Desert.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Wow!! I love it Disco!! You look fabulous! I love that color on you! And I wouldn't worry abou tthe row gauge- from what I read, cotton kinda grows a bit in length?!

Good job on the power walking. I brought my workout stuff here on the trip (check-in with me later?!). Off to ravelry you a one skein pattern :)

Oh, and in the future, a girl needs a bit more warning before showing her such gorgeous yarn pron...SALE yarn pRon no less!

Queen of the froggers said...

A lovely top, you say you need to lose weight but I think you look just right in that! The yarn you bought is lovely colours.

Jessica said...

The tank is great! Congrats. I like the color on you as well. You finished that in no time.

Good job on starting to work-out. First step, walking. Next step, bring weights like the other ladies I see. :) I've done that on an elliptical. :)

Like I said, you get the BEST sale yarn ever. :)