Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A totally self-indulgent post today. We had a new baby this morning in our family. Cousin Q for Teddy and Matt. And so began the artwork. Congratulation sticker pictures for the new little man, followed by "the Rocket".

It was SO much fun. Everyone enjoyed putting it together and decorating it. Do the boys look proud?

See the eggcarton pieces? They are bug-catchers.

We ran out of glue and had to make a Target run. Of course, we couldn't just leave with glue and a congratulations new baby boy card. Here's Teddy's loot: Goldfish and a box of Nascar bandaids. He HAD to have the bandaids after he fell over and cut the inside of his elbow. $2 well spent, I assure you.

Matt is sticking stickers to his hair. I warned him about this earlier when he got distressed by the first lot he stuck in there.
Will the boy ever learn?

Here is Teddy's first proper picture, that he coloured last week. See the sky, grass, tree, person and duck pond?
Impressed? I know I am.
Biased? I know I am.

Knitting blog? Oh yeah.
Well, you know Barbie has occupied my last few days. But I have been making progress on the Log Cabin Blanket. I have started making striped sections with the dark and light dyelots. I love this pattern. It just p's me off when I have to cast off, then pick up all those stitches every section. Could I not just leave them on a stitch holder?
So far, for my own reference 14 1/2 sections completed. I photographed it against the sofa it will be a throw for. I hope it's not too light. I don't think so.
I have to work tomorrow night, but rest assured I have more extra-curricular crafting projects to report on Friday.....
Happy knitting....


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

The boys are sure enjoying their last week of summer!! love the rocket!!

You are knitting up a storm!! Great job Disco!!

Jessica said...

They are soo stinking cute. I love the rocket. You are such a fun mom!