Thursday, March 20, 2008


I really only have a couple of WIPS right now.

This pink hat, I am trying to design for a friend. She bought one similar in the Gap for her older daughter, now wants one for her younger daughter. This is prototype no.1, made with Rowan All Seasons cotton, 2 strands held together. It's a bit stiff and also not big enough. It just kind of sits on top of the head! I have some bamboo yarn i might try for prototype no.2
And this is the sorry tale of a neglected Jaywalker that I just can't get into. The pattern is actually quite easy, but for some reason I can't stick to this project. It's already been a few months on the needle - and this is only the first sock.

The onesie with the BSJ was a plain white Gerber onesie that I put a transfer on. I made a few more and will be posting them on my etsy shop , for very reasonable amounts of $, in the next few days.

I'm not going to check, but I think I could knit 12 pairs of socks from my sock yarn stash. From my total stash? Well, that's another question.....

This ended up measuring 18" cuff to cuff and 11 1/2" neck to hem.

Well, I got more than some and less than others (who shall remain nameless, cough, cough).
I bought, I think, 8 skeins of STR. Most of them were bargain mill ends and the ones with names were for actual planned projects - which, come to think of it, are already finished.
2 hanks of Brooks Farm Mas Acero for my mom's Provincial Waistcoat.
2 bags of cotton/linens for summer tops for me.
2 very small hanks of periwinkle very soft wool for something lovely for my mom again. They were only $3 each in a bargain bin, so they barely even count, right ;-)
A bag handle for a bag I have yarn in my stash for.
2 buttons for a Capitan hat I had planned from stash yarn (and also finished - another post, another day)
Kid's needles for my son who turns 5 later this year. I've been promising to teach him to knit when he's 5, since he could first ask to knit like mommy :-)
I also had mini-sex in San Francisco, where I bought a cone of "Rush" from Artfibers. Gorgeous.
I am trying to use stash yarns as much as possible this year - let's see how I get on......


cpurl17 said...

The hat looks adorable!

I think the jaywalker in the yarn colorway you picked looks great.

Looks like you had great SEX at Stitches!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I was a bit worried you might out me in regards to Stitches...but like a dear friend, you didn't :) And yes, you were very focused and have already used a bunch of your purchase!

And I hope no one asks me how many pairs of socks I could knit!!

I'm so excited that you are making more onesies! I have two friends having babies soon!

Bezzie said...

I hope you don't frog the Jaywalker--it does look nice and you have gone pretty far on it!