Friday, March 7, 2008


Here's my surprise. A mess, isn't it?! It starts out like this and ends up like...........this. Once you figure the folding out. It wasn't too tricky. Anyone knitting this for the first time should use a spreadsheet of EZ's pattern. You can have mine (cribbed from someone else on the net. Whom, I cannot remember, sorry). Mrs EZ does not write patterns in any conventional sense, so it can be quite tricky to follow, but with a list of translated row instructions beside you, it becomes easy.
This first BSJ was a practice run for Teddy's teacher, Ms Mary, who is expecting her 4th (God bless her) in July. And here is the yarn I'm using for her baby of unknown sex.
Socks That Rock heavyweight in Falcon's Eye. Beautiful pale greens which, hopefully, won't offend either a girl or a boy :-) Bought at Stitches West a couple of weeks ago, under the guidance of Ms Irishgirlie :-)
Here it is all wound up. I'll be casting this on today :-)


Bezzie said...

That color is gorgeous. It's perfect for a boy or a girl. And since you bought it with the STR Master you know it will please!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I love it!! I'm going to need that cheat sheet if I ever try to knit the BSJ! I do have two friends having babies soon, and I think I have some STR ;)

Love that Falcon's Eye!

Zonda said...

That will be a very nice BSJ! Look forward to seeing it! Yes, I'm sure I'll need that cheat sheet as well! Wild how you knit it and it turns into that!