Thursday, March 6, 2008

Total RANT

I did have a lovely FO and yarn-pronish post planned for tonight. If I had gotten home this afternoon to take pics, it would totally have happened. But now you have to wait for that AND put up with a pictureless post.



Yes, the whole fucking day.


Because when you mix the USA's two finest institutions of education and medicine you get, guess what? A crock of shit!

Because my son's doctor (or rather the nurse/pen-pusher who fills in the forms) couldn't fill in the correct forms, or sign in the right spaces. And the beyotches at the 'School-of-Choice' office couldn't correctly define to me which colour forms they wanted and whether it was copy or original.

Twice they sent me away. The first time after a 3 and 1/4 hour wait (included in that time, one of them inspected all my paperwork and said it was all in order!!!!!). The second, they sent me away with a flea in my ear for being upset (aswell as having the wrong forms, of course) - like I shouldn't be upset at spending a whole day traipsing the length of Tamiami bloody Trail!!!

I am now in possession of the third set of medical forms which I will take in tomorrow morning (they closed at 4pm today!) and pray they are the correct colour with correct signature and name on them.

Oh, and tomorrow morning, while I'm doing that, the Hispanic 2nd grade reading retards (sorry, I can't think of a more PC word right now) that I usually volunteer with, will have to go without.

And the doctor's office had the cheek to charge me ten freaking bucks for the forms (which I shall be calling HO for a refund tomorrow, grrrr).

And this is all for a school which, although it is nearest my house (within a couple blocks), I may not be allocated but may be allocated to one in the far regions of the district where my son will know no-one. What happened to the good old days of the neighbourhood school, when you went to the school down the street and you knew everyone, 'cause they were your neighbours, and you all played out after school?

My message to America tonight: just pay more tax and get quality health care and education for everyone. Stop being fucking cheapskates.


Disclaimer: I know I shouldn't start a sentence with 'because', or 'and' but tonight it's about ranting, not semantic-ing
Disclaimer: Please also excuse my French.
Disclaimer: I am also thanking God that this is the biggest of my worries tonight ;-)


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Oh Disco. I'm sorry you had a crap day. I love your disclaimers :) You said fucking in your post...hehehe! I hope you had a nice big glass of wine tonight! Seriously, the things parents have to sometimes go through to get into preschool/kindergarten/etc. is ridiculous...I agree!! I'm sorry! I'll keep my fingers crossed that things go well tomorrow! Hugs! And a glass of wine!

Bezzie said...

Dude, I feel your pain. I went thru very similar crap last year only to find they couldn't tell me if Chunky would be in afternoon or morning kindergarden until the DAY BEFORE school started. Aye..! I'm sure getting him registered for 1st grade won't be any easier, but I know to do it before June 21 before school ends. What a PITA.

Hang in there!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I remember the forms I had to fill out for my older one, but it's nothing compared to the "dissertation" length one my friend in Seattle has to do for her kid and it's a public school! That and that "readiness" exam they make 5-yr-olds take. So take heart. It is much worse elsewhere.