Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Occupant for the Guest Room

So, in this post, I told you about our lovely, newly-decorated guest room. Well, no sooner had its 1st guest occupant departed, than it had a newer, more permanent bedfellow.

Matthew has been asking for his own room since we moved into this new house in April. I always thought he didn't really, and that he'd miss Teddy. Turns out I was wrong and he really did want his own room. Like really, REALLY wanted his own room.

Like willing to give up his thumb, want his own room!

We had already been told by the dentist and by his speech therapist that the thumb needs to go if he's ever going to have straight teeth or no lithp. So, the time had come. The deal was, give up the thumb and you can have the room.

I made these little thumbkins a good while ago, and both boys had been having some success with them. They do tend to fall off in the general thrashing around of the night-time, but at least they help with the daytime and falling asleep sucking.
Now, we (mostly) have no thumb-sucking, and my lovely grellow room has Pokemon posters on its walls (quiet sobbing).

But what of the grellow blanket in progress?.........

Disco xoxo


Kaye said...

Those thumbkins are so clever! Yeah, I won't tell you how old I was when I stopped sucking my thumb. I also won't show you a picture of my horrendous teeth when I was a kid either...yikes.
Hee hee, there there, at least Pikachu fits the color scheme of grellow, right? ;-)

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Well, good for him I think, right? But sad sad grellow room.

Um...did we work out with Auntie IGK ever comes to visit that she can hang in his room/guest room? hehehe