Saturday, February 25, 2012


Did you see Jo's post last night? It made me smile, 'cause look what I spent yesterday making...One turned into....Then this morning, a veritable parliament.....I couldn't help myself. They take no time at all to crochet, the time is all in the addition of eyes, beaks and tummies. The boys have asked me for 'some' for their rooms, so I'll be making more. I think a production line is the best way to go if making many of these hooters. I can't be going through the whole button stash for each individual owl.

Pattern: Austin Owl
Hook:3.75mm/US F5
Yarn: scraps of worsted

Happy Weekend
Disco xo


Jo said...

How serendipitious :) They are so cute - I love the 'parliament' of owls :)

IrishGirlieKnits said...

How cute!! Loved Jo's and love yours too!

And missing you tons this Stitches Weekend dear Disco! I'm being good only there for a half day! Icing and resting my knee!

Kaye said...

Is that was a group of owls is called? I think a hootenanny of owls would be more appropriate. Love these!