Sunday, July 15, 2007

London Yarn Pron

This is my first attempt at yarn pron, so be gentle with me. I just learned how to take a close-up picture so I hope they turned out ok.

On my recent trip to the UK, I visited a wonderful LYS in London called Loop. I had visited it on my trip last summer, but on the only day it was closed !!!!

The wonderful thing about the store, apart from the yarny goodness, of course, is the area of London it resides in - Islington. Both my DH and I were living in Islington when we met. In fact we had our first date in the Parr's Head on the corner of Cross st, the street Loop is on, and Upper Street, the main street in Islington.

Sadly the Parr's Head is now a Jigsaw - but at least they have cute clothes. And Tommy and I have many fond memories of Islington....

Now onto the yarn I succumbed to. These may not be British yarns, but I'd never seen them in my LYS, so they were new to me.

First up, knitglobal. A couple of skeins of their Chunkywool in Ecru. Made from Ultrafine Australian Merino, they are like soft, fluffy clouds. Just beautiful. I feel they should be dyed, but I've not attempted that process so far - maybe I won't use these as my practice pieces.

Next up, these gorgeous rooster yarns almerino aran and dk. Such pretty blues.

Then there's the Frog Tree alpaca. I know this is available in the U.S. - but not in my LYS! So I had to have a couple of balls to try it out, right? What gorgeous hairy beasts these are.

And Last, but not least, some (10 balls to be precise) Rowan Bamboo Soft. I thought I'd make myself a little summer top with this. It being hot in Florida and all. :-) Anyway, Bamboo Soft is right. And this was purchased at John Lewis, that wonderful British institution, known by its staff as "The Partnership", and never knowingly undersold.

That's all folks! For now anyway......


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

That's some drool-worthy yarn pron!! I love it!! I love the yarns I've never heard of..rooster yarn?! That blue is so soft and the yarn looks so yummy. Love it!

Can't wait to see what you make out of the bamboo. I have to agreee. Sooooo soft!

Jessica said...

Great job on your first yarn pron! That knitglobal stuff looks scrumptious! That bamboo will make a great tank. You better hurry up before it gets cold! haha. That was a joke. ;)